China Gate----professional agency for applying enrollment related health products
                      Professional Sales Agency For Your Products After Imported

      Feel confused about the regulations of China?
      Think about the registration process the most involved       part when exporting your products to China?
      China Gate is the best one to help you to register your products in China!!! Copyright ┬ęby WX:XG1212XM

      Register product category:

- healthcare food
- medicine
- cosmetic
- medical device
- product related to water
- disinfector
- green food
- food additive
- food of new resource
- food and cosmetic label auditing

      Brief introduction

       As a professional consultant & agent of comprehensive research on quality, China Gate Co.,Ltd. engages in applying enrollment, transfer of certificate & transfer, market research, marketing planning, consultant of policy & law, and our targets cover healthcare food, cosmetic, disinfector,       medicine,medical device, product related to water, green food, food additive, food of new resource, etc.
      Our group have succeeded on more than 400 cases and keep good cooperation with MOH of China , SFDA and many other departments of China.
      We serve clients supply research & development of products, agent of applying, marketing planning, sales agent process, and so on.


  • Importing registration (applying certificate of free sale in China)
    Provide service with applying certificate of products, including healthcare food, cosmetic, disinfector, medicine, medical device, product related to water, green food, food additive, food of new resource, etc.
  • Authentication
    Provide service for change?design and authentication service of GMP & GSP, also for HACCP and organic productions.
  • Training
    Provide training for clients about applying certificate?laws?technology and authentication.
  • Consultation
    Provide market consultation in industry, including marketing plan?enterprise diagnoses?brand plan, and so on.
  • Research and development of productions
    Produce advanced technics and high quality health productions by professional technical personnel, set the trend of Chinese health industry.
  • Information
    Provide information consultation for conference?exhibition of health related products.